Working with us means a safe, efficient and successful crypto recovery process
Our process is different
Financial entity
We form a distinct financial entity around each set of lost assets.
To create comprehensive legal protections and tax benefits for the client.
Case by case
We gather mission critical information and combine this with data insights.
To develop a tailored and informed strategy to efficiently undertake asset recovery.
Compute power
We leverage our unique approach to accessing compute power
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To maximize the chance of recovering assets.
We recover lost cryptocurrency
for many different cases
Atoka works with clients in the following situations
Password recovery
Wallet and seed phrase recovery
Private key recovery
Our work is not limited to the above – we have experience working with an array of ‘edge’ cases
Even before assets are recovered, Atoka starts restoring value to lost assets
We give eligible clients the option to sell part of their lost crypto to qualified investors. Through this process, clients are able to turn their lost cryptocurrency into a liquid, tradable asset
When will I hear back from you?
We will contact you within 48 business hours of hearing from you. Please check your spam folder and only trust emails ending with
How can I trust you?
We are a US-regulated LLC. Atoka prioritizes client confidentiality and security. Amongst other things, this is achieved by ensuring that all clients have comprehensive legal protections. Our entire team also operates in an environment where all data and wallet information is managed to high standards of defensive cybersecurity.
What kinds of cryptocurrency do you recover?
We recover every cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, other Altcoins, and NFTs.
What is your pricing?
We charge nothing up-front and take a percentage fee of any assets recovered. This fee depends on the complexity of the recovery.
Does this mean you can hack anyone’s wallet?
Hacking a wallet knowing only its public address is not computationally possible today, nor is it something we would ever do.

We work alongside the verified owner of the lost cryptocurrency who provides us with critical information that facilitates our recovery process. This information often includes a keystore file (private key backup), partial seed phrases, partial private keys, password history, related hardware, and other inputs.
Do you help individuals who have been scammed?
We do not yet work with individuals who have been the victim of scams, or individuals whose crypto is held by companies facing insolvency or bankruptcy.
How long will you take to recover my crypto?
Every case is different. A successful recovery can take from days to over six months. Once we evaluate the situation, we provide clients with a more detailed timeline.
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