The likelihood of crypto recovery services unlocking lost assets increases with the number of recovery attempts it can undertake.

But most services can only deploy a limited number of recovery attempts due to the high cost of compute power.
We have maximized our
access to compute power
GPU scheduling algorithms
We have developed proprietary GPU scheduling algorithms to deploy compute power optimally:

We track dozens of variables including energy prices, temperature, and data transfer costs

We execute securely in the cloud and on-premises
Compute power market expertise
We have expertise in buying compute power off global spot markets:

Exclusive partnership with Squire Exchange (our in-house compute power marketplace)
Our compute power access means we can undertake >5x more attempts than conventional crypto recovery services for the same cost
Compute power supercharges
Atoka’s password recovery attempts
We develop custom code
We write algorithms for each client's unique situation

These algorithms are 'instructions' which outline the parameters for password recovery attempts

These recovery attempts include strategies such as combinatorial attacks and rule-based attacks
We deploy terabytes of data in support of our code
These tailor-made algorithms are powered by large amounts of compute power, trying over trillions of recovery attempts

This workload is continuously monitored to be optimally distributed across our entire GPU network, pushing calculation of password guesses to the edge
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